Our Vision

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Vision Statement

At Hand of Mercy Health Care, our vision is to deliver holistic, wellness-focused, and culturally competent services. We believe this will promote the positive social-emotional development of our clients by addressing current mental health challenges to ameliorate symptoms and improve client’s level of independent functioning. Our goal is to become the best provider of mental health services in the region, the leading mental health employer, and a valued partner in the provision of mental health services. For every step that we take with our clients, staff, and our community, we work to ensure that we act with acceptance, compassion, sincerity, and respect to empower people.

We use evidence-based methods when we deliver services to our clients and support ongoing training and continuing education for our staff members to increase these opportunities. We also facilitate mental health services for children and adults to encourage healthy development across the lifespan. We are dedicated to continuously striving for excellence in our work of achieving mental health and emotional wellness for all of our clients. We always work to exceed the quality standards established by the state as well as those that we have set for our agency. Our guiding vision reflects the following principle: “Do the right thing and prevent the wrong thing!” Our vision encompasses each of the following goals:

  • Deliver the highest quality of care to our clients
  • Provide exceptional services that result in positive client experiences
  • Build a work culture that establishes us as a top place to work and practice
  • Actively engage with community partners

Embracing our Vision

Our mental health professionals understand that every person’s recovery path is unique. We are client- centered and work with our clients to develop plans that are tailored to meet their unique needs. We strongly believe that all of our clients deserve to be treated with respect, express their opinions, and have their own visions. We work to support our clients so that they can make the best decisions for themselves. We are sincere in our belief that people who seek help deserve to be heard, and we work tirelessly with our clients and their families to find the best path forward.

Our Core Values

  • At the Hand of Mercy Health Care, we focus on delivering high-quality mental health care and services with the following core values:
  • Acceptance of every client’s right to receive compassionate care
  • Respect for each person’s unique path to recovery
  • Humanity for the people of the community that we serve
  • Encourage each person’s opinion, vision, and participation in their care
  • Demonstrate fidelity in how we treat others