Our Mission

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide client-centered, compassionate care of the highest quality to our clients and to promote overall wellness for clients, their families, and others in need in our community. We aim to provide this by delivering a comprehensive array of mental health services that are anchored in exceptional service, advocacy, intervention, education, treatment, and perseverance to reach the best clinical outcomes.

Embracing Our Mission

The Hand of Mercy Health Care has established strong working relationships with schools, local agencies, hospitals, practitioners, and local and state officials to further our mission of offering the best quality mental health care to our clients. We have a strong affinity to the people in our community and are dedicated to helping others achieve mental and emotional health and improve overall quality of life. The relationships we have built with partners in the community facilitate our work to provide our clients with the skills and interventions that are necessary so that they can benefit from individualized, client-centered treatment.

Achieving Your Health and Wellness Goals

As one of our members and clients, we want to ensure that you achieve the goals you have identified for yourself at the time that you applied to Hand of Mercy Health Care. By working within our vision to accomplish our mission, we will help you to learn new skills to improve your life in the following areas:

  • Managing mental health symptoms
  • Learning healthy ways to cope
  • Learning to increase emotional regulation
  • Improving your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with others
  • Building skills of self-advocacy
  • Developing better life skills
  • Connecting clients to community resources
  • Assisting clients with housing needs and medical needs

We are dedicated to our clients and want to ensure that they feel safe and secure with their mental health treatment. We actively work to build healthy relationships with our clients and always protect their confidentiality. To learn more about our practices, programs, and staff, contact us today.