Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide culturally competent, holistic, and wellness focused services that promote our clients social-emotional development, prevent development of mental health challenges issues, and address social-emotional issues that currently exist. We will do this by becoming the community’s best mental health care provider, employer, and partner in mental health services and by ensuring compassion, acceptance, respect, empowerment, and sincerity with each step we take together. By using evidence-based strategies in our services to clients; by supporting staff training and well-being; by implementing effective mental health consultation to clients, families, and staff; by facilitating mental health services for children and parents who need them; by continuing to strive for excellence in supporting mental health for all clients, families and others in need in our community, and by strive to meet and exceed quality standards we may set. Our guiding vision will consistently reflect: “Doing The Right Thing and Prevent The Wrong Thing!”

  • Best Care Quality

  • Exceptional Services and Client Experience

  • Best Place to Work and Practice

  • Community Supportive and Engagement

Embracing our Vision

At Hand of Mercy Health Care, we understand that everyone’s way to heal looks differently as everyone recover in their own unique way. We believe that every member who takes down this way to wellness deserves to have an opinion, vision and to be treated with respect and support to make the decisions that are best for themselves. We sincerely believe in showing sympathy towards members who seek out health care and will work tirelessly with them and their families to find their successful path.

Core Values

Our focus is on providing high quality of health care and services to our clients through:

  • Acceptance – of everyone’s right to affectionate care

  • Respect – of everyone’s unique way towards their own recovery

  • Humanity – towards our community we serve

  • Encouragement – for everyone to have an opinion, vision and participate in their own care

  • Fidelity – in how we treat everyone