Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, compassionate health care and to be committed to the wellness of our clients, their families, and others in need in our community through a comprehensive array of services anchored in exceptional service, intervention, treatment, education, and deliberate expectations for the very best clinical outcomes.

Embracing Our Mission

At Hand of Mercy Health Care, we have established successful relationships with local agencies, schools, practitioners, and hospitals, reaffirming our strong affinity for our community and dedication to its mental health goals. These relationships enable us to provide skills, intervention, and the best possible treatment to clients, families, and others in need in our community.

Reaching Your Health Care Goals

As a client and member of ours, we want to make sure that you achieve the goals you had when you first applied to one of our programs at Hand of Mercy Health Care. With our mission and vision, we will help you learn skills in areas of:

  • Developing healthy coping skills

  • Depression and anger management

  • Expressing feelings appropriately

  • Improving self- confidence

  • Communicating with others effectively

Our duty to ensure our members feel safe when it comes to mental health treatment. To learn more about our programs, practice, and staff, contact us today.